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At Alpha Pointe Capital, “strength” is indicated in the perception of demand through the lens of trending stock price action. Simply put, we strive to follow trends, whether they are up, down, or sideways. 


If you follow sports, you likely keep up with the weekly polls. You see the stronger teams at the top of the polls, while the weaker teams are often left off altogether. Chances are that the stronger teams will achieve success, while those that are left out will have a tougher hill to climb to achieve the same level of success. Instead of teams, we follow our own “teams” in market sectors and asset classes and evaluate their relative strength – this process produces our own “polls” for potentially viable investments. We’re constantly monitoring the markets to see who’s moving in our out.


We spend the bulk of our time analyzing charts and applying technical analysis methods to uncover trends in the markets, ETFs, stocks, and bonds. In using technical analysis on top of traditional fundamental methods, we’ve found that we can better reveal trends that might be missed through the daily news flow. This is how we identify the strongest picks for investment selection.


We believe prices on the markets and investments are set by the only universal “law” of economics – supply and demand. For us, charts may provide valuable insights into possible trends within investments because they reflect these prices based on supply and demand. We’ve seen greater investment success through using charts and technical analysis because they help us navigate the fog of information out there.

New Invest in Strength

Invest in Strength Quarterly Update 10/6/23


We prefer to use individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs. With these types of securities, we expect to offer coverage in most of the major asset classes, which provides you with a greater scope of markets in which you may participate.

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Our primary and continuing focus is always the same: you. We are active portfolio managers navigating the markets on a daily basis; therefore, we ask for discretion in managing your portfolio. In order to make timely decisions in fast-moving markets, discretionary authorization permits advisors to make investment decisions, such as purchases and sales of securities, on your behalf without prior consent.

We utilize a relative strength analysis to regularly evaluate investments, and we keep in close touch with each client, providing updates on market shifts, retirement plan progress, required minimum distributions, annual reviews, and other pertinent updates.


We work on a fee-basis rather than by commission. Our annual fees are based on assets under management (AUM) and are billed quarterly. 

On average, our fees tend to be lower than 1% on the total AUM. Although fees vary based on the size of the portfolio and wealth management needs, most portfolios under $1 million are charged 1% of AUM, while accounts over $1 million receive breakpoints –fees are often reduced when portfolio sizes reach $2 million, $3.5m, $5 million,$7.5m, $10 million, $15 million, and $25 million. Fees on portfolios over $25 million are negotiable. 

Fees for an advisory program include advisory services, performance measurement, transaction costs, custody services, and trading. Fees are based on the assets in the account are assessed quarterly.