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Building Retirement Portfolios and Company 401(k) Plans in Emerging Industries


Running a company in an emerging industry can sometimes feel like building a plane in mid-flight. Executives and leaders in these sectors need dynamic and evolving portfolios and retirement plans, not cookie-cutter investment models, to keep up with their fast-paced industry. APC is ready to build your unique wealth plan. 

Accepting accounts with investable assets of $750k (excluding real estate)

The APC Story

It was our clients who started Alpha Pointe Capital. During the challenging times of the Great Financial Crisis, our clients stood by their advisors. Today, we’re proud to continue to stand by our clients as they progress through their wealth management and retirement planning journeys.


In fast-growing industries, there are often few consistent financial regulations to help operators run their businesses. Even the basics of managing finances, such as taxes, payroll, and company retirement plans can pose a challenge. Companies in emerging industries need stable, objective guidance for establishing 401(k) and retirement plans for their employees. Learn more about providing this lasting benefit at your company or benchmarking your current plan. 

Accepting start-up to middle-market plans in emerging industries. 

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What do lacrosse, Santa Claus, and key lime pie have to do with wealth management? Find out here! Our On Pointe updates cover a variety of timely wealth topics with a twist. 

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