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Dependable, reliable, and lower stress investing. This is Fixed Income...

  • Alpha Pointe Capital’s experience will custom design portfolios that bring you regular payments. How?
  • Searching for lower stress investments? U.S. Government Obligations or Certificates of Deposit may help.
  • What can you expect? Your portfolio is customized for your needs. Your portfolio can address taxes, liquidity, time horizon, and risk tolerance.
  • Needing higher yields? Some clients like the higher returns of Corporate Bonds Preferred Stocks.
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Fixed-income investing encompasses a wide range of options for investors seeking to manage funds for consistent, reliable income. Often, safety of principal is a top priority for this category of investing. The amount of funds that flow through the bond market is almost 10 times greater than stock markets, on average. Bonds and other fixed income securities are often the backbone of well diversified investment accounts.

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Fixed income securities include, but are not limited to: US Treasury bills, notes, and bonds; tax exempt municipal securities;  preferred stock; certificates of deposit (“CDs”); mortgage-backed bonds; and many other types of securities. All fixed income investing exposes the portfolio to interest rate (“market”) risk; re-investment risk; event risk; and credit risk. Foreign bonds can also introduce currency risk.

Alpha Pointe Capital’s seasoned professionals have decades of experience in assembling and monitoring portfolios concentrating in different areas of the bond markets. If you are contemplating putting funds to work in any area of fixed income or bonds, Alpha Pointe Capital can provide expert guidance.

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Tax Advantaged Fixed Income/ Municipal Bonds– our clients typically are in high federal and state tax brackets. Let us analyze your personal situation to determine if a portfolio in tax-exempt bonds will provide you with a higher net after-tax return on your funds than comparable maturity and credit-quality taxable investments. Check out the weekly update of rates available in tax-exempt bonds.

Federally Insured Certificates of Deposit– Most investors typically think of their bank when considering investing in federal insured F.D.I.C. certificates of deposit. Alpha Pointe Capital can construct portfolios of CDs from numerous banks under one brokerage account. This simplifies the task of moving large sums of money into federally insured CDs. Please call Alpha Pointe Capital today to discuss how we can help you diversify large sums into separate CDs in one brokerage account, all insured to FDIC limit.

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Tax Deferred Fixed and Variable Annuities- some insurance products offer high quality credit, tax deferral, and fixed rates of return for predictable yearly income flow. Insurance products are complex and are offered and sold by prospectus. Alpha Pointe Capital has the necessary experience and state and federal qualifications to help determine if insurance-based investment products may be suitable and appropriate for your investing needs.


Tax free bonds

Tax-Free income? We can help with that...

  • Owning your State’s Municipal bonds may qualify for Triple-Tax Exempt income.
  • Looking for tax-free income? Consider Tax-Free Municipal Bonds or Annuities.
  • These are a few of the main instruments we use for clients looking for income.
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Cash Management

No yield on your CD's? Tired of low yielding money markets? Exhausted with the bank?

Our Cash Management services are able to look beyond what the bank pays. We explore prudent and conservative options with reasonable interest rates. Some of our solutions can be effective in maximizing after-tax returns on cash.

While Fixed Income investing involves interest rate risk; re-investment risk; and credit risk. Let our experience help be your guide for cash management solutions.

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