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Fixed Income

Fixed Income

Josh Mazer has specialized in helping clients maximize returns on funds with investment objectives of short-term time horizon, high degree of liquidity, and low market and credit risk. He uses a number of time proven strategies to accomplish these goals.

Designing laddered or bar belled portfolios in high quality bonds and FDIC insured certificates of deposit can be an effective strategy.

For individuals in moderate to high tax brackets, Josh will analyze effective net after tax returns to determine of tax-exempt municipal bonds are a suitable investment.

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Tax free bonds

For institutions who require federal backing on their portfolio, Josh can create a diversified portfolio of federally insured jumbo CDs under one single account number, saving the investor the tedious chore of opening numerous accounts to stay within the FDIC insurance limits.

Some insurance company products may be suitable for fixed income investing as well.

The investing opportunities in the fixed income market-place are complex and diverse. They range from low risk, short maturity government obligations out to high risk unrated bonds, international bonds, and preferred stock.

Call Josh today to discuss your objectives in the fixed income market. He will consult and advise you in the construction and maintenance of a portfolio that meets your objectives and risk tolerance.